Shalina Elizabeth Ruwesha Fernando

 “Iridescent Soul” – Your acts of kindness are Iridescent wings of divine love , which linger and continue to uplift others long after your sharing and anybody can light the lonely shadow with an Iridescent heart in anyway in your life. Iridescent is like a colourful soul and which can sparkle at the same time in many ways . Happiness , joy , hope , spirit , love and being positive can bring up an Iridescent life like a sparkling crystal where you can see colours Iridescently. Everything in life has a purpose and you have to be Iridescent to see it . So therefore anybody can be an iridescent soul and shine and sparkle and be colourful in your own special way if you find your path to your Iridescent soul.

Thanuri Nimaya de Silva

“Pseudo- Deception; everyone wears some form of a mask, in order to survive”

The inspiration was “creatures of illusion”. From a huge variety of options, I chose two creatures who are similar yet opposite in nature; the Blue Morpho who uses its adaptations to fight its predators and the delicate glass-wing who hides in order to survive. The collection you see here is a combination of the unique properties of these two species.

Thishakya Shamali Pathirana

Constellations are illusions in the celestial sphere which are formed by clusters of stars. For years these celestial bodies have told stories of myth and legend, one such legend is the Legend of Perseus. For this collection I personified the constellations Of Perseus, Andromeda, Cassiopeia and Cetus using polygonic structures and denim to bring this myth to life.

Nabeela Yaseen

“She Embraced her Scars” – My Concept is inspired by the Japanese Art called Kintsugi, where, when a cutlery is broken which is then joint together with Gold forming the gold cracks. An ordinary piece of cutlery becomes valuable.

Where as a Woman who goes through hard situations, she breaks down and becomes weak but she puts her self back together even more stronger. It shows no matter what A woman who is broken from inside is never weak, she is powerful but never weak!

Hamritha David

Heavenly Illumination -“Radiate light from within”. My collection was inspired by the stained glass of the Worm’s cathedral. The glass has a mix of colors in a mosaic pattern which makes it highly unique. During night time, it looks very dark. But during day time when the sunlight hits the glass, the colors radiate light and it looks magical. My collection reflects that and the era it was made in.

Manhattan at Dusk – Manhattan at dusk is a collection inspired by the majestic New York City. The gigantic skyscrapers to the aesthetic of NYC especially at the golden hour are a dream. The buildings and their geometry inspired me to do this collection

Panchali Liyanawaduge

MINI COLLECTION – This collection was inspired by alphonse mucha’s paints and the colors he used for the portraits. I wanted to develop the colors which is from Mucha’s paintings. My mood was women’s beauty there is a shape of pink for every women

THE FLOATING  WORLD – Men’s wear. This collection was inspired by “Ukiyo-e”  art movement literally meaning “Picture of the Floating World, Ukiyo_e refers to a style of Japanese woodblock print and painting from the Edo period depicting famous theater actors, beautiful courtesans, city life and travel.

Shalina Elizabeth Ruwesha Fernando

“ Baroque Era “ – The Baroque is a  highly ornate and often extravagant style of architecture, art and music that flourished in Europe from the early 17th until late 18th century. I  was inspired by the gold, pastel colours and the extravagant designs and patterns during that area. Another big inspiration was Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2012 ready to wear collection inspired by Baroque era . 

Thanuri Nimaya de Silva

“Coexistence” – Life ends at death, but then why do we call it a cycle of life? We can see a simple answer with how life and death coexist together in Nature, like the instance where dead decaying debris becomes vital nutrients for the living. Following this, I took inspiration for my Mini collection from the life cycle of plants in a tropical rainforest. 

Ashini Hansika

 Advance Diploma in Fashion Design

Salome Silva

“The Modern Onna Bugeisha” -Onna Bugeisha were the unknown female samurai warriors of ancient Japan who fought fearlessly alongside their male comrades and used deadly techniques and swords in combat. Onna bugeisha used different garments, armour and gear according to the occasion and battle which mostly inspired the silhouettes, textures and colours of this mini collection. A touch of modern elements such as shapes and textures are incorporated in this collection of the Modern Onna Bugeisha.

“Art Boii”. Art can be seen in any place or form. Through this concept, the human body will be used as a canvas to show art influenced by modern pop culture.   Modern pop art includes many aspects of youth culture such as the alternative music genre, open-minded attitudes and uncensored expression of oneself.  Graffiti/different font types, edgy compositions, contrasting colours and millennial related quotes/language can be seen in this collection. 

Avishka De Fonseka 

Ever since I was a little girl, I used to travel a lot and all I saw was fashion, from home to the street’s in other countries. Since my dad is in the trade, it’s all about garment’s and design’s season to season. It was all about different colours to different designs. I was fascinated and wanted to be a designer ever since.